Dec 122014


Holy Moly y’all! Lots of good stuff cheap today and all with Prime shipping available!

Splendor, my current favorite game in my entire collection is 42% off today on Amazon, at $23.09 

Star Realms is a cool 32% off at $10.17, which is a crazy price for a game this good. 

YT-2400 from X-Wing is 38% off at $18.64 and the VT-49  Decimator is 46% off at $21.58. 

Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem suffered another price drop and is now 43% off at $28.56. 

Agricola All Creatures Big and Small is 38% off at $24.62 with the full game of Agricola also at 46% off or $37.84. 

Love Letter is 50% off at $5.94 which is another crazy price. 

Ghost Stories is 47% off at $26.57. 

Qwirkle is 47% off at $18.99.

Spot It is 36% off at $9.00 

King of New York is 42% off at $29.08. 

Machi Koro continues to be cheap at 37% off or $18.88. 

Panamax which is brand spanking new is 34% off at $39.85. 

The new Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook is 40% off at $29.95 and the DM’s Guide is also 40% off at $29.97. 


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