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Kick The Box

November 3rd Edition

I hope that everyone who celebrates O’Hallows Eve had a great time. We got in some great games here at the house. Also hope that everyone that doesn’t celebrate the holiday, also had a great time. We kick off the month of November with this week’s Kick The Box featuring The Dice Chest hidden in an Abode between the World of Yo-Ho and the World of Smog.

Kickstarter News: Web of Spies is over 50% funded. There is still time left to check out and back this deck builder. Cartography is full funded and is now working towards some nice stretch goals. Check out this tile laying game to see if it is for you. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is another tile laying game that is fully funded. Hurry, only a few hours left to back this beautiful game before it is too late.

The Dice Chest: A High Quality Dice Box and Rolling Tray

Project By: Dog Might Games

White Ash, Ebony finish, red felt, Helm symbol. Vicious Club of Maiming not included.

Dog Might Games now has three successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belt including their highest grossing one to date, The Dice Chest, still available for a few days more.

I was lucky  to receive one of their custom Deck Boxes for review.  (If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still order one from their website.) Now they are showing off their woodtastic skills with their beautiful custom Dice Chests. These chests will hold up to 96 D6 dice for easy storage and travel, and also doubles as a dice chucking box.The lid can be completely removed. After it’s removal, the lid can be slid into place to use as a backstop for dice rolling or to hide your dice rolls.

I know their Card Deck Boxes are not only the most impressive pieces of hand made craftsmanship, but are also the sturdiest. I can’t imagine  their Dice Chests being any less quality.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

World of Yo-Ho

Project By:Iello

You knew it was only a matter of time before digital started to invade our analog world. Fantasy Flight has XCOM  in development that will be using an app to help keep track of stats, random events, and a countdown tracker for their game. Now, Iello has developed their own game using players phones as pawns.

This is an interesting concept. The player’s phones will know where they are located on the board, allowing different types of interactions for different circumstances. With the motion sensors in the phone, it will know if it is placed on the board or is being held by  a player. This  allows the phone to know what to display, whether it be public information or secret personal information.

The game itself is set in the fantasy world of Yo-Ho. Players will be competing against one another to become the most famous pirate in Yo-Ho! The game will have four different game modes: Classic, Campaign, Single Phone/Tablet and Cruise. Each mode allowing a different variant of gameplay.

Different shipping needs and costs are listed towards the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

The World of Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service

Project By: Cool Mini or Not

Players will journey into the dark depths of Smog’s underbelly of the Shadow Market. Their goal is to be the first to acquire the four Artefacts for the Queen.

The game is for two to four players and has an interesting mechanic. There are 14 gears on the board with four different actions on each one. A player can only interact with the action that is facing them. When a player buys or sells Essences on a specific spot on the board, it will become closed and the gear will spin towards an opponent, essentially blocking that opponent from being able to do an action at that spot. An ingenious mechanic that I hope works as well as it sounds.

This might be one of those games that will send some people’s Analysis Paralysis into overdrive, but I can’t wait to see how the mechanics all come together in this beautiful steam punk themed game.

Shipping is charged after the campaign ends.

ABODE: Thematic Gaming Accessories

Project By: Chase Creation

ABODE Thematic Deck Boxes

Card Holders. A must for just about any board game now a days. These laser cut card holders will add an extra layer of theme to your tabletop experience. There are four themed designs. Cthulhu, Zombie, Industrial, and the Kickstarter Exclusive Iron Abode which has the look of the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones.

Both the single and multiple deck holders have a ‘graveyard’ space underneath for discarded cards, freeing up space on your table. The multiple deck holders are adjustable to accommodate different sized cards. Also, available are card stands. These would be great as a reminder for those event cards that has an everlasting negative or positive effect on the game.

Shipping is included for everywhere in the world.

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