Nov 242014

Kick The Box

Nov. 24th Edition

I wish all who celebrate Thanksgiving, a merry, stuffed with good food, and lots of gaming festivities this holiday. For everyone else, I wish the same festive gestures and hope everyone has a safe weekend, whether it be a long or short one. My choices for games this week include an award winning RPG, some steampunk pirating, an archaeology company, and some new coinage for your tabletop games!

Kickstarter News: Flat Plastic Miniatures have almost finished their campaign well over funded! You have less than 48 hours left to get your miniatures before it’s too late! World of Yo-Ho is 92% funded as I am writing this with only a couple of days left in their campaign. If you are interested in a new board game by Iello that uses your phone as a sailing ship, be sure to check this one out! The World of Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service finished their campaign over the $100,000 mark! Congrats Cool Mini or Not!

Exclusive Numenera Boxed Set Edition

Project By: Monte Cook Game

The award winning RPG Numenera is available again via Kickstarter, but this time in a beautifully illustrated, limited edition, boxed set. In this version, the  original core book has been split into several soft covered books, the setting guide, adventure book, a player’s guide, and a GM guide. If you already have Numenera and just want the box to store your core book, dice, and RPG paraphernalia, you can back at the $20 pledge level.

If you are not familiar with Numenera, it is an RPG that is set billions of years into the future. Civilizations have rose and declined over the years, leaving remnants of their  bio engineered,wondrous technologies spread about the now, Middle Age equivalent of living, called The Ninth World. Players will set out upon the lands, finding adventure, treasure, and uncover the many mysteries of different civilizations of the past.

Shipping in the US is included. The first $10 for overseas shipping is covered.

Epic Metal Coins for Tabletop Gaming

Project By: Infinity Plus One

Infinity Plus One has a new crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter, Epic Metal Coins for Tabletop Gaming. The crescent shaped metal coins have two Griffins etched on one side and a sailing galley with a towering castle on the other. Both sides have the word ‘five’ in both Elvish and Dwarvish scripts. The smaller, square, brass finished coins has some beautifully etched motifs with a crescent and a star on one side. The word ‘one’ is etched into these beautiful masterpieces of art in Dwarvish and Elvish script also.

The crescent coin will weigh just under twice as much as an American quarter, giving the amazingly designed coin a realistic sensation when holding them. The square coins are no slouches either when it comes to their weight. Even though they will be half the size of the crescent coin, they will still weigh in at 4.1 ounces.

These would add some nice bling to any tabletop game, but the game that came to mind when I first saw these was Lords of Waterdeep. The crescent moon and square shape are the same as in Lords of Waterdeep. Add these coins to replace the cardboard chits and replace the cubes with cleric, rogue, wizard, and warrior Meeples, and you would have one decked out Lords of Waterdeep game!

Check the Kickstarter page for shipping details.

Artifacts Inc.

Project By: Ryan Laukat


Ryan Laukat, board game designer of  Eight Minute Empire and City of Iron, among others, has a new game on Kickstarter called Artifacts Inc.

In Artifacts Inc., 2-4 players will head their own start up archaeology company based in New York in 1929. Players will take turns, rolling their dice and than placing the dice on one of the their own or public asset cards.These cards will grant the player different actions and opportunities that will help their new fledgling company rise to the top.

Buy new assets, adventure in unknown expeditions, go diving, and sell your finds to the local museum. This and more as all of you race to the twenty point reputation mark and become the most prestigious archaeological adventure team in the world!

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

Captain’s Wager

Project By: Grey Fox Games

In an age of cloud sailing pirates, captains from around the world partake in different adventures, risking life and limb trying to steal various treasures of the world. Captain’s Wager places you in the captain seat, betting with crew members on unknown, but valuable treasures.

Captain’s Wager has an interesting mix of poker style betting with trick taking mechanics. Players will bet, borrow, or steal their way to fame and fortune. Each round is divided into three encounters. For each encounter, players will play a Crew Member Card, noting the value, and executing that crew member’s special ability.These abilities may give them an upper hand in this or the next round of play.Whoever has the highest crew member value wins that encounter.

After a round of three encounters, all the treasure will be divided up or not, depending on who won how many encounters.  After all the treasure has been acquired, points are totaled, and the rogue captain with the most points wins.

Shipping within US is included. Additional shipping charges apply elsewhere.

That wraps it up for this week! Be sure to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss anything exciting on the crowd funding scene. Be sure to leave any comments or suggestions below and we will see you next week! Until than, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

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Ever since my early childhood I've had a love for card and board games.I am now married with two children that have moved out of the house and on to their own lives. This new phase of life has rekindled the old passion of tabletop gaming and lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys it also.

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