Nov 172014

Kick The Box

November 17th Edition

Welcome back to another edition of Kick The Box. This week has seen the launch of  some great looking games! This week’s picks include a game about whaling in the 1800’s, some trick taking hacking, a one vs. many sci-fi adventure game, and a little ditty about one of my favorite reviewers. Check out this week’s news and than on with the show!

Kickstarter News: After being successfully funded, Folklore: The Affliction has pulled the plug on their campaign. They are working to revamp their pledge levels from the ground up for international shipping. Web of Spies ended it’s campaign fully funded! Congratulations! Can’t wait to give this one a run through! Stockpile is SOOOOO close to being funded!! There is still a short amount of time to help this insider stock market trading game come to life!

 New Bedford

Project By: Dice Hate Me

New Bedford takes place in the early 1800’s as  the whaling industry gains steam. Players will take turns placing their workers, collecting resources to build buildings that will include new actions and send their whaling boats out to sea. Timing is key as players try to catch one of the three different types of whales.

The farther out you send your ship, the better chance you have capturing one of the rare sperm whales. But, wait too long to start heading back to port; one of the other players may snatch it instead, and you will be left with one of the less profitable whales, or worse, nothing at all. As the game continues, just like the historic time period it represents, the chances of catching a whale becomes harder as there are more Empty Sea Tiles and less Whale Tiles.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

Black Hat

Project By: Timo Multamäki

Black Hat is a trick taking card game that adds a modular board component to it. In Black Hat, Players are black hat hackers trying to breach the server security and steal valuable data. They do this by manipulating their own and the other player’s pawns by winning tricks.

Like most classic card tricking games, such as Hearts or Spades, one player will lead the trick by playing a single or sets of cards, hoping to have played the highest card in a suit and win that trick. When a player does win the trick, they could possibly move their own pawn or another players pawn to the next space which contain different point values. Also, note that some tiles have special detrimental effects to a player’s pawn if they land in that specific space. The timing of when to win and lose tricks is one of the key strategic components of the game.

The game is played over several rounds. After one person runs out of their ten card hand, the round is over. The spaces that player’s pawns occupy contain point values. You record that point value plus the point value of the cards in your hand, (if you have any), and start another round. The most successful hacker at the end of the game will win by having the least amount of points.

Shipping within USA/EU destinations are included. For any other destination, please add 9 euros.

Mind: The Fall of Paradise

Project By:  WhatWeMake

The future looks bleak in Mind: The Fall of Paradise. A band of rebels have assembled together. They are collaborating their time and resources to fight the decision of the ruling government being controlled by an intelligent A.I.

M:TFoP sounds like it is a very ambitious one vs. many players game. One player will control Mind, the artificial A.I., as 1-3 other players each control rebel leaders trying to overcome the different scenarios that come with the game. Both want to save mankind, but neither believe that the others way is the right way. Rebel players will want to explore the solar system and colonize other planets. They will trade, bribe, and steal resources to help them throughout the game. Meanwhile, the person controlling Mind, the A.I., is trying to thwart their plans. Only one will be successful. And at what cost?

FREE shipping for USA, Europe and Canada. Please add £20 for all other shipping needs.

Drive-Thru Review Season 5

Project By: Joel Eddy


Joel Eddy of Drive Thru Review fame is funding for his fifth season. One of my favorite reviewers with over 9,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel He also has some of the best coverage of one of the biggest board game conventions in the world, Gen Con.

He already has over 330 backers helping with his successful campaign this year; several stretch goals knocked out of the park, including no more YouTube ads and working with Twitch to stream live, interactive gameplay.

Also, for this campaign, Joel was able to help design some great looking game promos with some of the leading game designers in the industry for games like Eminent Domain, Robinson Crusoe, and many, many more.

If you aren’t familiar with his YouTube channel, you can visit it here,

Check the details of the pledge levels for different shipping prices per pledge level.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to come back next week, to see who makes it into Kick The Boxes Kickstarter picks. Of course, as always, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below, and until next week; Keep playin’ to be playin’!


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