Nov 112014

Kick The Box

Nov. 10th Edition

Welcome back to another installment of Kick The Box! This week’s featured games will have you traveling across the world, trying to survive the apocalyptic remains of The Great Third War, on a vampire hunt of a lifetime, with a hand held deck of steam punk looking animals.

Kickstarter News: Tao of Peg has relaunched on IndieGoGo! Don’t miss this beautiful, abstract, strategy game! Dog Might Games The Dice Chest finished their campaign one dollar shy of $47,000! Abode finished their Thematic Gaming Accessories fully funded  at a little over $6,000!

Dracula Dossier

Project By: Pelgrane Press

Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, was just a taste of the secrets that revolved around Dracula and his castle. In this RPG, by Pelgrane Press, players will take the roles as highly trained spies, seasoned criminals, or other shady freelance operatives in a modern day vampire hunt for no other, than Dracula himself.

In 1893, the British Naval Intelligence Department had made a deal with the devil himself, and is now paying the price. After a double cross by Dracula, NID hunted down the vampire legend and staked him . . . Or so they thought.

Dracula’s Dossier takes place in modern time. Players will chose which leads they will follow, what operations to commission, and face some of the most frightening, paranormal terrors ever known to man as they try to piece the puzzle together of the untold story of Dracula.

Shipping is available worldwide.

Raid & Trade

Project By: MAGE Company


The Third World War has left much of civilization in destruction and despair. Midst the ashes, a lavish Golden City has rose, taunting the few survivors in the wasteland  outside of their walls with dreams of hope. Of course, not just any one can waltz up to the heavily guarded fortress doors and walk right in. You have to earn the privilege.

This is what the players are competing for. The privilege of leaving the dreaded remnants of the wasteland behind and restarting their life anew in the Golden City. Players can accomplish this by either serving the city(completing three secret quests), become an expert (gain 20 skill points), or becoming a nobleman(gain the most possible character points.)

Players will spend action points to move about the city, raiding buildings, crafting helpful and valuable items, attacking other players and stealing their stuff, and if that doesn’t work, trading with other players or the black market.

Only one person will be allowed to enter the City. Will it be you?

Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter.

oddball Aeronauts 2: Double Trouble

Project By: maverick:muse

Rallied together to stay free of the Pendragon's rule and to wipe out all automatons to the last golem!

oddball Aeronauts was a great success on Kickstarter last year by maverick:muse.This stand alone expansion into the oddball Aeronauts world offers two new factions, Free Kingdoms and Mechinauts.

In case you are not familiar with oddball Aeronauts, the original is a two player card game, that does not require any type of gaming surface. The whole game is played in the palm of your hand. This new stand alone expansion will add two more factions to the original deck giving players four different factions and new events to chose from for loading up their decks. Also, three and four player game rules are also now available. You just need two sets of the game.

If you are looking for a great little traveling companion of a game, be sure to check oddball Aeronauts 2 and the original now on Kickstarter.

Shipping worldwide is included!

Dragon Flames

Project By: Minion Games

After their very successful pirate themed, cooperative game, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Minion Games is back on Kickstarter with their latest game, Dragon Flames.

In Dragon Flames, 2-5 players are dragons trying to kidnap princesses and horde the most gold and treasure. Players will take turns lining the castle walls with either valuable items such as princesses, treasures, and relics or troublesome traps such as knights and nasty curses that can be costly to those who acquire them. After the placement of the cards, players, in turn order, will choose which castle they want to attack. After attacking and looting the castles, players will turn their attention to the villages. Anyone who has gained Dragonflame cards via their looting of the castles, can now use them to burn down the villages with the potential of scoring them extra points at the end of the game. The dragon with the most glory points at the end of the game wins!

Different shipping for different pledge levels.

That’s it for this week! Check back next week to see what games and accessories make the Kick The Box cut! Be sure to hit the big, red subscribe button, and until than; Keep playin’ !

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