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Oct. 13th Edition

It is during this time, during the Age of Conan, Lanterns were sprawled across the land signifying Eminent Domain after the dust settled from the maniacs 9-Shooter Quickdraws.

Kickstarter News: Dead Drop is almost halfway funded. Hurry and catch this  micro, memory, deduction game before it’s too late! RPG Dice Magnets! is a little over the halfway mark for their funding goal. Show  your inner geek with these dice sprawled across your refrigerator! Almost out of time to capture the fully funded game Of Dungeons Deep! Hurry before it’s too late!

Age of Conan Strategy Boardgame – It’s Back!

Project By: Ares Games

Ares Games has launched an extremely successful Kickstarter so far for their reissue of The Age of Conan Strategy Board Game that was originally released in 2009. A new expansion is also available that allows Conan to play an even bigger role in the game.

2-4 players will take control of one of the four major kingdoms in Hyboria, Aquilonia, Turan, Stygia or Hyperborea. The battle for supremacy rages between the players until enough blood has been spilled and a player can call themselves Victor!

Players will sense the presence of the most famous Barbarian of the land, Conan as Kingdoms try to control and bend his will to their wants and needs; a very difficult task to achieve. But, if successful, the presence alone of the infamous Barbarian can be enough to change the tide of battle in your favor, but if not, watch your carefully laid plans sift through your hands like sand in an hourglass.

The project is EU friendly and shipping is included for the US. Refer to the bottom of their Kickstarter campaign for all other shipping details.

Eminent Domain: MICROCOSM + TMG Promos

Project By: Michael Mindes

Eminent Domain Microcosm is a new micro, 2 player game based in the Eminent Domain Universe. Players will try to spread their influence across the solar system by colonizing and attacking planets or discovering new technologies,

There are only 34 cards to the game. Players will take turns performing one or two actions per turn. Players don’t start with a deck of base cards like a typical deck builder. In Eminent Domain Microcosm, They will be building it from scratch.

On their turn, they can pick up a card from one of the three face up cards or draw a card from the deck. Than they can choose to either play a card from their hand and perform the action, or pick up their discard pile into their hand.

Play continues until all the cards in the supply are gone. The active player finishes his or her turn, then the amount of influence is tallied up. The victor is the one who scores the most influence.

Better hurry though. Not only is the game a micro game, but so was the Kickstarter campaign! Only a couple days left to back and grab your copy!

Shipping within US is included. Add $4 for shipping outside the US.

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

Project By: Foxtrot Games

Lanterns is a tile placing game that is set in Imperial China. The Harvest Festival has started and it is time to decorate the lake with beautifully colored lanterns.

Players will take turns laying down tiles to earn lantern cards, that can later be turned in for Dedication Tokens. Dedication Tokens are the points of the game.

When a player lays a tile down they will obtain a lantern card of the color that is facing them; as does all the other players. The player laying down a tile can earn a bonus lantern color if the two tiles are matching colors. Favor tokens can also be gained and turned in to trade lantern cards. You will need sets of lantern cards in order to turn them in for Dedication Tokens.

Play continues till all the lake tiles have been played. Than everyone adds up their different values of dedication tokens and the player with the most points wins!

Halfway down the page is a shipping chart for cost references.

9-Shooter Quick Draw — A New Square Shooters Game

Project By: Square Shooters

A quick playing, dice tossing, Old western duel sums up 9-Shooter Quick Draw. Another two player game that has players trying to roll and reroll as fast as they can trying to match their dice to their opponents character’s poker hand.

After a player’s initial roll, they can only roll dice that are the same numbers or the same suit. If you have no matching dice, you can only re-roll a single die of your choice. Also, If your opponent catches you rolling mismatched dice, you will be penalized by a couple second time out and only able to roll only one die.

Dice can be locked in at any time as players roll. When a player completes their opponents character’s poker hand, the round ends! That character is dead and is set aside. Players will again choose their gunslingers, and the firing of dice starts all over again. This continues till someone has three dead gunslingers allowing their opponent to claim victory!

There is an alternate set of rules for another completely different game, 9-Shooter Ambush. Two games in one!

Different pledge levels to represent different shipping needs.

Another beginning of a week is closing. What better way to end a Monday, than talking about games. Shoot me a line with any comments and/or suggestions! And be sure to hit that big, fat, red subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any of the Troll In The Corner podcasts and articles. Til next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

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