Oct 272014

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Are you ready for a little more of a challenge? Today we peer back through time to 1999! Torres by M. Kiesling and W.Kramer is a wonderful, almost-abstract game from Rio Grande Games! Players are working to build up castles and walls and move their knights to the best position possible! Torres is for 2-4 players. From a friend: If you’d like something a little easier to find that will give you the same feel? Maybe try Tikal from Rio Grande. [Ed: I have not played this]

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  2 Responses to “Edo’s Game Reviews: Torres – Episode 5”

  1. I agree with a previous post which stated they liked the video, but would really like to see the components. You don’t have to show us a walkthrough. Maybe the board set up, a game snapshot halfway through, the components lined up…something! As it is, I now need to go explore this game further.

  2. Thanks Mark!

    I appreciate the feedback. As I’ve created more videos, I now always have a component or two in my hand while discussing. Still debating the full set up bit, but I think it is a good step forward.

    Torress is a special game. The components are nice, but slightly dated (compared to the current awesome stuff coming out of games).

    Here is an image: http://www.gateplay.com/images/view.aspx?productId=104

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