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Kick The Box

September 29th Edition

Summer is fading fast. Living in the Pacific Northwest; this always brings about mixed feeling for me. Soon the Sun Goddess will slither back to her hole high above the clouds, beckoning the Rain Gods forth for the next nine months, but the days of enjoying the outdoors are soon trumped by the ecstatic glees of tabletop happiness. Luckily, there are lots of great games and gaming accessories to choose from including this week’s picks which features people trying to capture white rabbits Vye RPG Dice Magnets on Island Dice in the world of Alice of Wonderdice!

Kickstarter News: Philip DuBarry’s Skyway Robbery reached it’s pledge goal of $32,000 in the last minutes of his campaign! It was an amazing photo finish that was fun to  follow on Twitter. Congratulations Phil! MAGE Company’s The Orcfather is fully funded with less than 48 hours left in their campaign! If you’re looking for a new role deduction game, than be sure to check out The Orcfather. Chaz Marler’s Pair of Dice Paradise Indiegogo campaign has hit the $2,000 mark! This means, that if you hurry and catch the latest update on the campaign before Friday, October 30th, Chaz will tell you about a contest he is holding that could net you the amazing deduction game Tragedy Looper! Hurry before it is too late!

RPG Dice Magnets!

Project By: Archaedemos

Whole dice, drilled out, with a strong rare-earth magnet set in place.

What better way to show your inner geek than with these amazing RPG Dice Magnets!  There are various pledge levels. You can order a random color set of seven dice that will include one D20, D12, D8, D6, D4, and two D10s, or if you are in a more colorful mood, than you can choose one of the rainbow pledge levels and each die will be one of the available colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black.

These are regular dice drilled and tapped with a rare earth mineral for the magnet.

Shipping ranges from $7-$25 depending on the pledge level for International needs. Shipping within the US is included.

Island Dice

by Casual Dragon Games

Island Dice pits 2-4 players, or groups of explorers, against one another on a custom created island of hex pieces. Their goal is to be the group of explorers  that brings peace to the Island Dice. This can be done two ways; either by protecting all four native tribe bases simultaneously or by killing everyone else on the island.

Just like any dice game, Lady Luck on your side will help, but Island Dice adds a different twist on the rolling of dice by choosing WHICH dice you want to roll. You have three D6’s that you will roll on your turn that will determine gems, population, and movement. Not only do you get to roll the boring old regular D6s,  but you get to decide on three other D6s to add to your dice roll. Different dice will have different abilities. You can try to summon one of the two monsters on the board and hope you can control them and help destroy your enemies, or maybe you need some jewels,  which are the currency of the game. There are these and several more options that will help define your tactics as you try to bring peace to Island Dice. 

There is an easy to read chart for shipping needs at the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

PlayMe: Alice in Wonderdice

Project by: Wonderdice – LudiBooster

PlayMe: Alice in Wonderdice is a frantic dice rolling game all about catching the white rabbit. A game with beautiful illustrations based on Lewis Carroll’s classic books has players rolling frantically trying to complete a straight of 1-6. Players can also use their dice to block other players progression. When a player completes their straight, they will slap the circular portrait of the white rabbit located in the center of the table. This player will turn over their character card to the madness side, and a new round starts. Any player that can complete the straight and capture the white rabbit with both sides of their character card, wins!

There are also a couple of variants of the PlayMe! in the rules. One is a team variant called jabberwocky that includes a betrayal element, a challenge variant where every  player must play every character of the game once. The player that was successful the most times is the winner. The Play Me variant has the person who completes their straight first yells “Play Me!” and everyone tries slapping the white rabbit portrait in the center. This sounds like the variant that would fit my family perfect! Fisticuffs Arise!

Shipping worldwide is included!

Vye: The Card Game

Project By Sand Hat Games

Vye: The Card Game is a 2-4 player area control game. Players control a noble house consisting of four family members. Each member has a once per game special ability that can be used at critical strategic point of the game.

Players have a hand of four cards consisting of different lands. On a player’s turn they will play a land down in the center of the table and place one of their tokens on it AND any adjacent like lands.  As the world expands, so will the opportunity to spread your influence. Players will continue to try to expand their influence across the lands until the Empress is drawn. Once she is drawn, the game is immediately over. The player with the largest connected kingdom wins!

Add between $15 to $30, depending on pledge level for shipping outside the US. Shipping within US is included.

Whew! That is a lot of dice this week! Come back next week to see what tabletop games and accessories make the Kick The Box cut! Be sure to hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss next week’s blog and all the other tabletop chatter that Troll In The Corner is well known for!

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