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Kick The Box

Sept. 22nd Edition

I hope everyone had a great weekend. This week, Kick The Box highlights has us sitting on a porch, sipping on some Hooch, in a Stuff and Nonsense sort of way while admiring the Combatzone Scenery Of Dungeon’s Deep!

Kickstarter News: Tasty Minstrel Games has a another successful under the belts now that Bomb Squad is fully funded. Also, they added a $60,000 stretch goal that includes a bonus free game for all backers! Saar Shai’s King Down has broken the $120,000 funding mark with a little under three weeks still left in their campaign! Dragon Tides has been cancelled, but is looking to regroup and reboot on October 8th.


Project By: Talon Strikes Studio

We’ll start this week’s picks with Talon Strikes first Kickstarter campaign for their new 3-6 player game Hooch. Hooch is set in the early days of the American Prohibition period.

Now that alcohol is illegal, Several Syndicates have sprung up in Temperance Town. Each player encompasses the role of one of the Syndicate Leaders vying for respect in the town. Players will take turns  hiring characters to add to their syndicate, bribing officials with barrels of Hooch, or opening up storefronts with speakeasies. Players can attack other players and send their ‘crew’ on missions for more Hooch, which in turn, offers more buying power for bigger and better things.

The art style of Hooch is a memoir to the noir mobster movies. This game looks amazing and from the previews I’ve seen and read, plays as well as it looks.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

Stuff And Nonsense

Project By: Cheapass Games

The premise of Stuff and Nonsense is that players are pretending to be adventurers with their great, big, made up tales. When in fact, they are plainly full of crapola. They are actually acquiring exotic and not so exotic artifacts and antiques in stores around London as “proof” that they actually had been to the exotic locations. But, watch out, because Professor Elemental is on the lookout for you so-called adventurers! If he finds you at one of the shops you are visiting, than all hell will break loose! Well, at worse, you’ll loose a couple of points or a card, but still! Those cards and points are precious!

So, why go to all these far off lands that many games claim they take you, when you can just wander around town and make up your own stories; as long as you don’t get caught of course.

Shipping within US is included. Add $15 for shipping outside the US.

Combatzone Scenery

Project By: Combatzone Scenery

Debris Field A (Ships shown for scale and not included)

These asteroids with space debris look absolutely amazing! Not only does Combatzone Scenery have these asteroids pictured above to sell for your miniature games, they also have asteroids bundles featuring the famous Space Slug from The Empire Strikes Back.

Also on their Kickstarter page are pictures of different size planets, ranging from little mining colonies and fire and ice planets to larger planets that have a peculiar similarity to Earth.

For those who rather command ships in the water than ships in space, they have something for you too. Different shapes and sizes of islands to place on your new gaming mat, which Combatzone also has available.

Each scenery piece is cast using a hard, white, 100% alpha plaster called Crystacal R. The pieces look very detailed and a nice texture to them for your painting pleasure. Each scenery piece comes pre-cleaned and sealed ready for painting unlike equivalent resins that need to be scrubbed and primed before painting.

Some of the pieces, such as the asteroids, are also shipped with a base and post so they “float” on your gaming mat.

Words can not do justice to the pictures that are on Combatzone’s Kickstarter page, and I have a feeling that the pictures don’t do justice  to the actual final product. Don’t just take my word for it, head over there now to check them out for yourself.

Shipping within the UK is included. Add £18 to ship outside the UK.

Of Dungeons Deep!

Project By: Jason Glover

You and your fellow adventurers enter into the dungeons as friends. The question is, do you exit the dungeon as friends or enemies?

With a slice of Blood Bowl Team Manager layout, a dash of Smash Up! deck mixing with two different factions, (In this case, a hero and henchman to create your dungeoning duo), and a deck building mechanic, all blended together forms an easy to teach, easy to learn, whimsical dungeon delving experience.

But, wait! There’s more! Not only do you have all those mechanics tied up with a neat little bow, there is also a bluffing mechanic mixed in for good measure. All the monsters have different treasures. When they are defeated, they will be added to the person’s deck that did the most damage. IF, that monster is defeated. If the monster isn’t defeated, than the player who did the most damage to the monster will suffer the consequences and have damage dealt to them. This allows an interesting push and pull semi cooperative mechanic amongst players as they reveal their face down cards.

Shipping included within the U.S. Add $15 for Shipping to Canada. Add $25 for International Shipping.

That’s it for this week’s pick and highlights! Be sure to stop back by next week to see who makes the cut for the Kick The Box highlights! Leave any suggestions and comments down below and be sure to hit the red, shiny Subscribe button so you don’t miss any of the amazing articles and podcasts Troll In The Corner has to offer. Til next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

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