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Kick The Box

Sept. 1st Edition

I hope everyone that celebrates Labor or Labour Day had a great gaming one! Also, hope everyone else had an amazing Monday as well. This week’s Kick The Box features a war between France and Britain, another war between the Creation and Death, some high altitude steam punk heisting, and music to go along with it.

Kickstarter News: I,Spy  is very close to funding. At the time of writing, they only need a little over $1,000 to hit their funding goal with two days left in their campaign. New Salem is also almost funded. They still have a couple weeks left to hit their funding goal. Both of these games have potential to be megahits if they can see the light of day. Nautilus Industries is well over their funding level, but still could use the help of backers for their stretch goals. An economic game based in the Nemo universe, How could you pass that up?

Skyway Robbery

Project By: Phillip duBarry

Players are up and coming criminal masterminds aboard an exotic zeppelin cruise ship. Along the way, the zeppelin stops at different locations, giving players a chance to perform amazing heists of riches. Gather your gang, grab some equipment, and try to steal all the riches before you’re fellow kingpin’s beat you to it.

The main driving mechanic of the game is that each player will choose three actions from their hand of action cards, and place them face down on their player board in the order that they want to take the actions. There are several different actions including, but not limited to, busting a gang member out of the brig, perform side jobs, acquire new gang members, to performing the heist itself and others. Each player will reveal and activate their action, one at a time in clockwise order.

At the end of the game, whoever has the highest reputation, wins!

Shipping in the US is included. Shipping prices have been lowered for International Shipping! Check their campaign page for details!

Steampunk & Cthulhu Soundtrack

Project By: Strangellete

Steampunk and Cthulhu. These two themes have been on a crash course in the board game genre. Several games from Kickstarter have had huge success with the mix of these themes, and now you can have a four hour plus soundtrack to fill your music and sound needs for any Steampunk and Cthulhu themed RPG or tabletop game.

Strangellete is also allowing the music and ambient tracks to be used for royalty free non-exclusive commercial use agreement. Pretty amazing for some delicious sound bites!


Project By: Jarrett E. Ford

Beta Build Box Cover

Elemancers is a new two player, strategy game that plays in about an hour. In the world of Elemancers, the struggle for domination by two polar factions, Creation and Death, is a constant battle. One player will use the powers of Creation (Celestial, Beast, Flame), to battle their opponent using the powers of Death (Shadow, Necro, Ice).

Both players will take turns summoning creatures to the battlefield, adding and subtracting elements to morph creatures into various forms and defeat the other player’s summoned minions. Each will be trying to capture the enemy Citadel, kill all enemy Heroes, take their Artifact to the Temple of Fate, or control the location of the enemy’s Artifact to win the game.

Add between $15-$25, depending on pledge level for shipping outside the US. Shipping within US is included.

1750: Britain vs. France

Project By: Jason Huffman, Battle Hardened Games

During the 18th Century, France and Britain waged several wars in attempt of global domination. Now, it is the player’s turn to use the events and historical figures to their advantage to change history.

1750: Britain vs. France is a card driven two player game. Players take turns recruiting generals and admirals, engage in political affairs with the hopes of persuading countries to help them, not their opponents, and battle for the different colonies. The player with the most colonies at the end of the game wins.

Shipping needs are listed in a nice, concise section at the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

That is this week’s highlighted games and accessories brought to you by yours truly! Come back next week to see what tabletop goodies you need not to be missing on Kickstarter. As always, leave any and all comments and suggestions down below and don’t miss any other Troll In The Corner greatness by hitting the big, red, juicy subscribe button. ‘Til next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

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