Aug 222014


Zombies. Mindless, shambling, and existing only to feed. Much like you and your friends. I’ve got a new game coming out in two weeks called Zombies – Shambling and Hungry! It’s a 56 card game which is actually two games in one. Now win yourself a copy!

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Zombies – Shambling and Hungry

Use these zombie cards to simulate a zombie outbreak at your next party or family gathering! Sit yourself down for a fast and furious game of zombie dominance!

In this game each player takes the role of a shambling and hungry zombie, trying their best to get to the front of the zombie horde where they’ll have the best chance at a juicy bite from one of those still living. Each zombie player will do their best to rid themselves of other nearby zombies (game cards) by pushing them back or foisting them onto other zombie players.

The first player to break away from the horde by discarding all of their cards wins!


Zombies – Infection

Each deck of Zombies: Shambling and Hungry comes with 20 Infected cards. They are used to infect your friends, who in turn can and should infect other friends! Use as many Infected cards as there are players. One person becomes Patient Zero, and starts off with 8 Infected cards. They then try to infect others! A the start of the game, only Patient Zero can infect other players. All players should agree on a time limit for the game – it can be an hour or until the end of an event

The Contest

Starting right now, I’ve got a give away launched through Rafflecopter to give away two copies of the game, one of which I’ll open up for an international winner (non-US), the other I’m reserving for the US only (to save myself a bit of scratch in the shipping department).

The contest will be open from now until September 5th, which is when the game officially launches! I’ll announce the winners then, and get their prizes off to the post as soon as I can afterwards.


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