Aug 052014

Kick The Box

August 4th Edition

This week’s Kick The Box features two tabletop games from Kickstarter, an amazing must have calender, and one project from Indiegogo. Can you guess what that would be?

Kickstarter News: Asking For Trobils first featured in the Kick The Box, May 26th Edition, has been rebooted and is off to a strong start with their fresh, new campaign! Stand & Deliver has been, unfortunately, cancelled. Keep checking back for news on it’s reboot! Scrapyard Empire has finished their Kickstarter campaign with a resounding success, reaching over twice it’s goal amount.

2015 Gaming Calendar

Project By: Scott King

Words can’t describe how delighted I am  to see Scott King photographing board games and putting a 2015 Calendar together again this year. Last year’s calender was made with a heavy paper stock with quality rings, and beautiful photographs that allowed me to display my favorite hobby proudly in my office.

You can’t go wrong with ordering either the custom or the base calendar. (I personally pledged for the custom one!)

Last year with the custom designed calendar, we were able to choose not only the photos we wanted included that Scott had photographed, but also the order they appeared during the year.  It’s a brilliant idea and appreciate the amount of work that must have taken!


Project By: Montrose Games

In a fantasy world, a major calamity was bestowed upon the people in the land of Tymor. Tymor is a strategy game for 2-4 players that will take you between 45-90 minutes to complete.

Tymor is a worker placement, resource gathering, kingdom building, multi path victory point acquirement game. There are multiple ways to score the necessary victory points needed to win. If you have your Merchant on another players settlement during the scoring phase, the owner of the Merchant will score a track point and some extra cash. You score points with the Priest by building up your Empire, and, of course, the Soldier nets you points by eliminating other player’s units.

The other unique feature of Tymor is the changing of the seasons. Since the calamity, the seasons don’t always rotate in their ‘natural’ order. A roll of the die determines which direction the season tracker will rotate, if it does at all. Different seasons will alter your income intake and chances of success in battle.

Shipping is displayed in an easy to read chart towards the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

Clockwork Wars

Project By: Eagle Games


In an alternate universe where religion, steam punk machinery, and magic have collided, you and up to three other opponents will control one of the unique races vying for control of the land.

You will need to have amassed an army, taken control of towns, developing them into cities, researched new technologies, and fulfill your espionage duties in order to topple your opponents.

Clockwork Wars features diceless combat, hidden and simultaneous soldier deployment, three different tiers of abilities acquired via research through the three ages, and a dual sided modular map for infinite replayability. One side of the map will feature an easy to read, abstract artwork system, which is a great idea for us that are partially colorblind, and the other side of the 3.75″ x 3.25″ modular map pieces feature a gorgeous ‘realistic’ birds eye view of the land.

The different shipping tiers and charts are listed at the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

Watch It Played

Project By: Rodney Smith

Three Years Of Watch It Played

To keep things simple for myself, I have two rules that I have implemented to help me stay on track for every publication of Kick The Box. Rule #1 is stick to Kickstarter when reporting on crowdfunded tabletop games and game accessories. Rule #2 is actually ONLY sticking to tabletop games and game accessories. But from time to time, I feel the need to break one, if not both rules for the sake of the hobby. Of course, Rodney Smith funding the next season of Watch It Played is a perfect example of that need.

I don’t think Rodney Smith or his Watch It Played  Youtube channel needs an introduction, but in case you are new to the hobby or been living under a rock for the last couple of years, let me be the first to introduce you to  him.

Rodney’s ability to teach games is next to amazing. His videos are well scripted and precise. He doesn’t waste any time in his explanations and is very thorough with his descriptions. They are laced with just the right amount of detail that it makes it easy for a player not familiar with the different types of game mechanics to learn, and not bore the living snot out of us seasoned veterans of the hobby.

You can find his Youtube channel here.

P.S. You can kill two birds with one stone. At certain pledge levels of the campaign,  you can not  only help raise funds for Watch It Played, but also could receive a Watch It Played Special Edition of Scott King’s calendar! (Calendar available as an add-on also.)

Thanks again for everyone checking out my little corner of the uniweb. As always, leave any comments, suggestions, and hate mail in the comments below, and be sure to hit the big, red Subscribe button so you won’t miss any of the other Troll In The Corner Goodies. Til next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

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