Aug 252014

Kick The Box

August 25th Edition

This week’s Kick The Box features a Clockwork Kingdom where Dead Men Tell No Tales, and I, Spy a Boss Monster! Confused? Than I suggest you read on!

Kickstarter News: Tao of Peg’s funding campaign is starting to pick up speed. Look for an interview of the producer and creators right here later in the week! Four days left in Scott King’s 2015 Gaming Calendar also! Grab your copy before it is too late!  A little over a week left in another successful MAGE Company’s campaign, the reprint of Florenza. Another one you are not going to want to miss out on!

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Project By:Minion Games

” Ahoy Ship!” shouts the lookout.

“Is it the Skelit’s Revenge?” you yell back over the sound of the crashing waves.

 The lookout peers again through his makeshit telescope. “It is!”

“Her treasures are finally ours! Full speed ahead!”

After successfully weakening the ship, you and your crew board the flaming remains after the one thing pirates are always after. Treasure!

Dead Man Tell No Tales is a 2-5 player cooperative board game. Your crew will board the floating wreckage and make their way through the flames, pirates, the undead, potential explosions, and your own fatigue. You and your companions shall gather the most valuable loot in the world or die trying!

Scroll towards the bottom of their Kickstarter page for an easy to read chart for shipping

Clockwork Kingdom

Project By: Mr. B Games


Clockwork Kingdom is set in a steampunk fantasy kingdom. Chaos and civil war has spread throughout the kingdom as lords battle wits and troops vying for the freshly relinquished Clock Throne.

Each player will take turns sending their workers to various locations throughout the kingdom. Depending on the type of worker and what area of the kingdom they are at,various tasks can be performed. The tasks range from collecting alchemy stones, visiting the market to gathering necessary resources for building schematics, to the battlefield itself and more. Plot out your long term goal strategy and work to spoil your competitors. After nine rounds of worker placement greatness, the player with the most victory points is crowned the new king of Clockwork Kingdom!


Project By: Lost Boys Production

Unbeknownst at the time, a hundred years ago, the gunshot that killed Franz Ferdinand would spark the first World War. I, Spy takes place during the time period leading up to this war. Players will be secretly aligned with one of the six world powers vying for dominance during a time that telecommunications and steam power was just starting to rule the world.

Any action that a player performs has the potential of leaking secret information, allowing a country to garnish valuable influence points. Influence politicians, sabotage other spies capital cities, travel, and counter your opponents actions, all the while trying to keep your own nation on top of the power struggle without anyone deducing which nation you are actually working for.

Shipping is included for US. Add $15-$30 for shipping outside of the US, depending on your pledge level.

Boss Monster Digital Version

Project By: Brotherwise Games

I do enjoy the artwork and gameplay of the card game Boss Monster. It is a light, enjoyable romp through an 8 bit world, reminiscent of the ‘good ol’ days’ of video games.

It is only fitting that a card game that is inspired by early console video games, makes it’s way, in full circle, to the video game market itself. If the funding is successful, Boss Monster Digital Version  will be developed for IOS and Android.

So, if you are tired of playing the goody two shoes,  happy, go lucky,  hero type, than it is time to give Boss Monster a try, in digital or analog style. Now is your chance to play as the Main Boss; create your dungeon, invite the heroes in, and demolish them with your creative dungeon building skills.

There are different pledge levels for the non-digital rewards.

That’s it for this week! Check back next week to see what four games and/or gaming accessories that you won’t be able to live without! Also, be sure to hit the subscribe button down below and leave any comments and suggestions. Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

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