Jul 302014


This episode of Indie Talks is brought to you by Stronghold Games.

Ed and I talk about Liftoff – Get me off this Planet! The new board game being Kickstarted right now! We go into game design, running a good Kickstarter campaign, shoot down the rabbit hole of Kickstarter and your local game shop, hop back up and then go into great detail about Liftoff – and why it’s a game you’ll want to back. Liftoff has a few things going for it that set it apart from other worker placement (or worker evacuation) games. A set time for the game being my favorite – when the world explodes, the world explodes and that game is over. It also has cute little aliens, and lots of replay ability thanks to a modular board.

Find out more on the Liftoff Facebook page.

In other news – I’ve launched my Extra Life campaign! I’m out to raise $3500 for children’s hospitals, and Team Troll is out to raise more! I’ve reached out to publishers to support this event, and Stephen of Stronghold Games jumped right in! They’ve got 10 new games on the way this year – and have just launched their pre-orders for many of these titles. Stephen not only donated several games to give away during our events but also made a cash donation to the cause! Thanks!

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