Jun 262014


Finally got Daniel Solis’ Suspense! to the table! What a fun, tight little game! We only had time to play three rounds but let me say with 13 cards, this game is still actually a game, and a good one at that. 

There’s a hidden victory condition (that face down card) every round. Only the dealer knows what it is. Based on what they play (or if they pass/fold) you have to try and guess what it is. The cards are numbered 1-6, with 6 black numbers and 6 white numbers, plus a 13th non-number, non-color card. 

Some victory conditions would require you to have the highest white card in play (on the table) or the lowest black card in your hand. 13 cards, 13 victory conditions. 

I can see this game getting better the more you play it, and the more familiar you are with the victory conditions. 

Also interesting is that this is specifically made for 3 players, with each round lasting no more than 2 minutes. You could play a lot of this in a short amount of time. 

As always with Daniel’s games, the design is great, everything is easy to read and the quality of card stock from DriveThruCards is good. 

You can buy this for $4 plus shipping. I think it cost me a grand total of $6.99 for a game I know I’ll be playing a lot of. Certainly one of those cases of getting your money’s worth. 

Buy it at DriveThruCards today. 

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