Dec 102013

Kick The Box

Dec. 9th Edition

This week’s edition of Kick The Box is going to be a little shorter than your use to and I apologize for that. My usual time spent trolling on Kickstarter, digging up the latest shinies was cut short this week with the death of my Grandfather. But, I didn’t want to totally disappoint my readers and I did want to show off the two games I did find last week. But, enough about me, and on with the show.

Heroes of Ismia

Project by: Reed Raymond

The city of Ismia was nearly destroyed by the great Demon Siege. During the twenty years after the siege,  Ismia’s villagers and town folk have worked hard to rebuild the city towards it’s former glorious past. With every passing day, the pain and suffering that had befallen the townsfolk shoulders starts to wane. Now a  new evil is starting to forge its way upon the land, again threatening the peace and tranquility the people of Ismia have worked hard for. This time could be the last time.

You and up to three other companions can choose up to four Hero Classes, a Fighter, a Rogue, a Wizard, or a Cleric, to set forth and venture into the lands of Ismia to see what the new found evil is that threatens the city. Each hero also has four races, Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Halfling to add to the variety of your characters and replayability of the game.

Shipping within US is included. Shipping outside of the US varies from $30 – $50 depending on the pledge level

Pathfinder Dice Arena

Project by: Luke Peterschmidt

Tired of adventuring in the Pathfinder Universe, saving princesses, slaying evil monsters, and becoming rich upon your wildest dreams?

Pathfinder Dice Arena tournament competition is a dice rolling game set in the Pathfinder Universe, but instead of adventuring and discovering new lands and dungeons, your favorite hero finds him/herself in a tournament building up moves to create high scoring offensive and defensive combos.

If your looking for a easy to set up, fast paced Pathfinder game that is already fully funded with a couple of the stretch goals already kicked wayside, than the need to look farther is no more.

Shipping within the US is included. Check the Kickstarter page for shipping prices outside the US.

Thank you again for stopping by my little corner of the Interverse and spending some time with me. I should be back into full swing next week and have some new shinies dug up to share with you!


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