Nov 222013


There comes a time in every game designers life when they find themselves contemplating contests. There are a ton of game design contests out there, ranging from simple, self fulfilling things to big prizes and publishing deals.

Gaido has finally gotten to the point where I think it’s ready to be shown off even more, so I’ve entered it into The Game Crafter’s Micro Game Challenge contest!

The basics of the contest are this: The game has to fit into a tuck box (what a deck of cards generally comes in) and has to retail for $11.99 or less. Gaido fits both of these quite nicely! It looks like I’m up against some pretty good and interesting games, and a few…uh… others. (Who’s Genitalia for instance).

If you’re a member of The Game Crafter community, have 10 crafter points to spare and you’re interested in Gaido, I’d really appreciate your vote! There’s a lot of games there, so feel free to CTRL-F for Gaido. There is a little under 2 days left for public voting, to narrow the field down to the top 20 contenders.

This very contest also spurred me on with Comet Cowboys, although it didn’t make the cut in time for the contest entry. It did get me to develop a lot faster and start play testing sooner than I had anticipated, which is a good thing!

I’m happy to say that Gaido has received two polite rejections from honest to gosh game publishers, and is now being considered by a third. Both of the rejections came with encouragement and some advice, which I happily accepted.


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