Nov 012013


November 2nd is a special day here at Troll in the Corner. For many people it is simply another Saturday. For Troll in the Corner it takes on a greater meaning.

This year it is the date of the Extra Life 24 25 hour Game-a-thon. Extra Life is a charity that raises money to provide medical care for children who otherwise would be incapable of paying for the care. 100% of the proceeds raised by Extra Life are given to hospitals across the United States.

Last year Editor-in-chief Ben Gerber became involved as a participant to raise funds because the Boston Childrens Hospital helped his youngest child with care she needed. Ben recruited Jonathan and the two raised heaps of money.

In 2012 it was a joy to gather at Ben’s home, play games with his family, live-blog our progress, and dedicate 24 hours of our lives for this exceptional cause.

Ben decided to raise the bar for 2013. He created Team Troll. Seven members of the gaming community joined the team in the hopes of raising $1,500. Ben is once again gaming at his home.

Taking a page from Ben’s book of tricks, Jonathan is upping his game. He’s hosting a game day at Wargaming Recon Central and will be live-blogging throughout the day.

There’s a few tricks up Troll in the Corner’s sleeve.

So far Team Troll has raised $5,922. It’s not too late to donate!

If you want to make a donation:

Donate to Ben

Donate to Jonathan

About Jonathan J. Reinhart

Jonathan J. Reinhart is an editor of Troll in the Corner where he writes about wargaming. Jonathan also is the owner of the Wargaming Recon podcast. He has been gaming with miniatures since 2000 and playing board games from a young age. He's played a myriad of games such as: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Starship Troopers, Axis & Allies: War at Sea, Flames of War and Warlord Games' Black Powder rules. War at Sea and the Black Powder rules are his current go-to games. Jonathan enjoys casual, fast, fun, and group board games. Sitting Ducks Gallery, Zombie Dice, Guillotine, Pandemic, and Carcassonne rank high on his list. He is a retired local politician with a B.A. in Politics & History, which provides a useful background for historical gaming. A casual World of Warcraft player, he became a Kingslayer as Viktrious the Blood Elf on 4/23/11 and followed that up by slaying Deathwing on 5/9/12.

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