Nov 042013

Extra Life

Despite 4 DDoS attacks on the Extra Life website (and who would do that?!) Extra Life raised over 3.4 Million dollars!

I’m proud to say that Team Troll raised $6,557 for this event! Out of 3,575 teams, we ranked 47th.

A huge thanks to every single person who participated in this event! Thanks to all of my team members, to everyone who donated, and to all of the publishers who contributed games to help us all play through 25 hours of gaming. And a personal thanks to everyone who came over to my home and made this a successful, amazingly fun event!

Here’s what I played – although other games were played by other guests at the same time:


Games played at Extra Life

 1. Ascension (iOs)

2. Ticket to Ride (iOS)

3. Doodle Jump

4. Dominion (izzie won)

5. Ruby Rhino X2

6. Gaido (I won)

7. Love Letter

8. X-Wing (Epic – scott won)

9. Ticket to Ride

10. My Happy Farm?

11. Bang! (x2)

12. Anomia

13. Munchkin

14. Smash up

15. Bohnanza(Jenn & Karen tied!)

16. Castle Panic

17. Smash up

18. Carcassonne

19. Ascension (non-iPad)

20. Diablo II (with the Wife)

Here’s a gallery spanning from about 6:30 AM to 3:30 AM. After that it was Diablo 2 with the wife.


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  1. Well Done Team Troll!

  2. Thanks Adam!

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