Oct 022013


Starting as soon as now, and off into the next few weeks I’m going to be trying my best to get a few card games I’m working on blind play tested.

If anyone here is interested in lending me a hand, has a group of 2 or more people to play a few rounds and doesn’t mind giving me some written feedback, please let me know.

The majority of these games can be tested with all or part of a standard deck of cards and a PDF rules sheet I’ll provide. A few will need some extra components (120 counters/pennies, a few game bits generally found in your collection). One will need you to print out a game board and another will need 18 or so cards printed out.

Interested? Drop me a line with the subject Blind Play Test and line or two about you and your group.

Games I’m currently testing or will be testing in the next few weeks:

A Little Bit of Evil – a re-theme and tweak of a centuries old game, Poch. You’re not an elder god, you just kind of hang around them. When they successfully invade the world and take over, you realize that you’re going to need a few souls to continue doing what you do, which is mostly sit around and enjoy the multiverse. In this card game, you’ll battle the other players over the last 120 souls in fast paced, multi round turns with bidding, betting, bluffing and rapid discarding.

Zombies- Shambling and Hungry Two games in one! The first is a traditional, sit down card game where each player takes on the roll of one nearly anonymous zombie in the hoard. Your goal? To push the others as far back from you as you can so you can be the first to whatever tasty meal is currently fleeing from you. Also, a real time assassination style game that can be played out over a day, week, month or several years.

So You Want to be a Pirate? a family game for 2-4 players in which each player has a small fleet of 2 boats. Your goal is to be the first in a race across the seas! Each player is the first mate on a pirate ship – and the winner of this race will be handed a patch, a parrot and promoted to Pirate! Play cards against each other to vie for position, with events you can also play to affect the entire pirate armada as it rushes across the seas.


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