Aug 192013

walter koesslerOne of the things we do here at Troll in the Corner is try to bring to light Kickstarters that may be of interest to the gaming community.  This one is going to be a little different because it does not involve a new game, a new game aid or even gaming figures. Despite this I still think its an important Kickstarter to bring to the attention of the gaming community especially those with an interest in historical war games.

Dean Putney is trying to raise funds to publish a collection of World War I photos taken by his Grand father Walter Koessler(the fellow in the picture).  A few pictures are already available on Tumbler  and after viewing these I am convinced these represent and important collection of documents.

World War I was fairly well photographed but most of those photographed were taken by military or government photographers they are to one degree or another propaganda pieces.  Walter was just a man with a camera, more than that he was a man with a camera with an eye for taking good photos.  While some pictures are clearly posed none are “staged” the men wear their field uniforms, show their dirt, their unshaven faces and unkempt beards, their non-regulation boots, jackets ect. These are in short real images of real men in war-time.  Further more they are Germans and at least here in the English-speaking part of the world German images and perspectives on the First World War are thin on the ground.

As a historic war gamer these images are invaluable, yes they may be black and white but they show better than any color plate how these soldiers looked going off to war.  In addition to the private photos Walter Koessler’s collection also includes original aerial recon photos and 3D Sterogrphs(and you thought 3D pictures were a new thing).

The great news is this project is already funded and has 17 days to go if you have an interest in history especially the history o the First World War (and for those who don’t realize the centennial of that war starts next year).  I am a back of this Kickstarter and I hope you will consider supporting it as wall.

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Adam Carriere is a writer for Troll in the Corner covering war gaming, painting and modeling. Adam came to War Gaming though RPGs specifically Dungeons and Dragons. In college he met Robert Burr and discovered Napoleon’s (60000 years of carnage under one roof) a game store in Milwaukee (now sadly closed) which introduce him to a new passion for painting and leading armies of 15mm lead, resin and plastic. Adam is also a Revolutionary War Reenactor with Regiment Saintonge , an occasional historic fencer and amateur historian. Adam actively plays Maurice, Flames of War, and Black Powder and occasionally plays Victory at Sea and the Firestorm Armada a Science fiction ship combat game. In addition to writing for Troll in the Corner, Adam maintains a blog Fencing Frog covering is War Gaming and Reenactment Activities.

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