Jul 172013
I swear officer its a hobby supply!

Of all the Armored Fighting Vehicles of the Second World War the German StuG It’s not pretty, it’s not the fastest or the most powerful it’s just effective.  I have 10 of these models for Flames of War and I am considering adding a few more to my collection.  I use different painting schemes to signify different platoons.  These are my white washed snow camo StuG platoon.  They were missing some thing so I a little bag  I got with a set gun emplacement models that did not want to be strictly winter weather pieces.  I am using this on several models but naturally the StuGs had to be first up.

It’s hard to see the dusting of snow here but if you see previous pictures below you’ll see that this little bit has done a lot.

As you can see per-dusting they had too much base color showing through.

Now not only do have a whiter appearance  they have some texture suggesting freshly fallen snow and I really love the look.

The ‘snow’ and a little white glue works wonders, and I have some other vehicles that will be getting this treatment.

They were good models before but now they really pop.

You can see my StuGs in action at a local Flames of War tournament at Fencing Frog

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Adam Carriere is a writer for Troll in the Corner covering war gaming, painting and modeling. Adam came to War Gaming though RPGs specifically Dungeons and Dragons. In college he met Robert Burr and discovered Napoleon’s (60000 years of carnage under one roof) a game store in Milwaukee (now sadly closed) which introduce him to a new passion for painting and leading armies of 15mm lead, resin and plastic. Adam is also a Revolutionary War Reenactor with Regiment Saintonge , an occasional historic fencer and amateur historian. Adam actively plays Maurice, Flames of War, and Black Powder and occasionally plays Victory at Sea and the Firestorm Armada a Science fiction ship combat game. In addition to writing for Troll in the Corner, Adam maintains a blog Fencing Frog covering is War Gaming and Reenactment Activities.

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