Jun 192013
'Writing Postcards Home' by bowena on Flickr

‘Writing Postcards Home’ by bowena on Flickr

Do you have an opinion? I bet you do.

Do you have a special interest in some aspect of the tabletop hobby? Is there some bit of gaming that particularly fascinates you?

Would you like to use the Troll in the Corner site as a platform to reach thousands of other gamers?

Then come on board! We’re looking for new columnists at Troll in the Corner, and we’d love to include you. We’re particularly eager for more articles about role-playing games and card games, but we welcome anything having to do with tabletop gaming.

It’s really easy: email me with your column idea. I’ll give you a guest account on the site where you can write a few posts. I’ll look them over for spelling, grammar, and appropriateness, then I’ll post them. Once you’ve got a few articles under your belt I’ll upgrade you to full columnist status.

Moreover, all your articles are yours. All our material is released under a Creative Commons license, and you can re-post and re-use them anywhere else that you’d like, even after you’re done with this site.

I look forward to reading your ideas!

About Brent Newhall

I'm a 21st Century Renaissance Man. I work at Amazon, I make and run RPGs, I write fantasy books (none published yet), and I'm a huge anime and manga fan. I wrote the OSR Handbook (a profile of many old-school tabletop RPG systems), the Original D&D retroclone Dungeon Raiders, a mecha RPG called Gunwave that tries to actually simulate mecha anime series, a kid-friendly animal RPG called Weasels!, and a tile-based board game called Zeppelins vs. Pterodactyls.

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