May 282013

Hobgoblin Crone by Khairul HishamIn this episode of Monsters of the Shattered World, Andreas and his companions face a hobgoblin crone, and confirm their suspicions.

And that’s the end of season 2! Thanks for listening. We’ll take a break and come back with season 3 later this year.

For those of you new to this show, Monsters of the Shattered World is a storytelling podcast. It’s about a young scholar out on his own in the world, the newest member of an adventuring party encountering strange monsters and writing about them. Each episode is 5 to 10 minutes long, so it won’t overburden your iPod.

Credits: This podcast is written and performed by Brent P. Newhall (a.k.a. Dr. Worldcrafter), and amazingly edited by Carl Bussler (co-host of Flagons & Dragons). The art accompanying each episode is by the consummate artistic professional Khairul Hisham. The show’s theme song is “To The Ends” by the prolific Kevin Macleod.

About Brent Newhall

I'm a 21st Century Renaissance Man. I work at Amazon, I make and run RPGs, I write fantasy books (none published yet), and I'm a huge anime and manga fan. I wrote the OSR Handbook (a profile of many old-school tabletop RPG systems), the Original D&D retroclone Dungeon Raiders, a mecha RPG called Gunwave that tries to actually simulate mecha anime series, a kid-friendly animal RPG called Weasels!, and a tile-based board game called Zeppelins vs. Pterodactyls.

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  1. The Itunes feed isn’t working the last 4 episodes of Shattered World I have had to come to website to download. Itunes hasn’t been able to download it always comes back with an error.

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