Apr 262013


Just two days ago, I announced a new experimental project. A role playing game called Welcome to the Meat Parade which exams what happens to the world when everything goes south.

Like your normal post-apocalyptic games, there is a sudden, bad event that throws the world’s societies into chaos.  Unlike the other games though, we’re attempting to inject some humor into the situation.

For a basic look at why people are going to suddenly be forced to make spears out of little plastic cards and hunt exotic, designer animals while surrounded by technology they can’t use, see this post.

What else is different about this project? It’s a study in hugely open, massively available crowd sourced game design. Anyone can get in and have their say. If a camel is a horse designed by a committee, this game is a camel.

Brent, who you all know as an editor of this site and producer of the massively fun podcast Monsters of the Shattered World decided to take the camel and run with it. He hosted the first ever play test of Welcome to the Meat Parade online, via a Google Plus Hangout.

Preserved now for posterity and finger pointing is that very play test. Enjoy!

How do you get involved?

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