Apr 192013

I was going to try and get one more article in before a moving hiatus but I’m watching the Twitter feed roll through with news about the shooting at MIT. Last night was the fire in Texas and earlier this week, the terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon. I’m sitting here, astounded at what this week has brought this country. Looking to the news for respite yields more violence being experienced in other countries.

Reality is scary. Reality is full of terrible events and cruel people. It contains weapons and chaos and pain.

Reality is reassuring. It contains stories of hopes, new inventions and people trying to make things better. It contains heroes. Like the EMT workers and first responders. Firefighters. Marathon runners who donated blood.

I don’t really know what to say so I will just say, I hope you all stay safe. Keep your eyes open and please, lets look out for one another.

See you in Portland.


About Tristan J Tarwater

Tristan is the author of 'The Valley of Ten Crescents' series and someone who is obsessed with elves. She once gave her 3.5 elf druid 'Skill: Basketweaving' just so she could take the spell, 'Beget Bogun.' Check out more of her work at backthatelfup.com

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