Feb 012013
Spec Fic Daily Dollar Daze

Spec Fic Daily Dollar Daze

So because a perfect storm of illness, lack of time and stress has descended upon my house in a big way, I am posting a link to Spec Fic Daily, an ebook deal site that is currently running their Dollar Daze Fantasy and Sci-Fi special. Eighteen books, all of them marked down to a DOLLAR. All are available on Amazon, some are available at other ebook etailers (Kobo, Nook and iTunes; prices may vary).

In addition, SFC is running a Rafflecopter with prizes that include gift cards and signed books. Definitely check that out for your chance to win!

Eighteen books for $18! That’s a lot of potential fodder for your next campaign! Hey now!

About Tristan J Tarwater

Tristan is the author of 'The Valley of Ten Crescents' series and someone who is obsessed with elves. She once gave her 3.5 elf druid 'Skill: Basketweaving' just so she could take the spell, 'Beget Bogun.' Check out more of her work at backthatelfup.com

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