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In this episode, I’m borrowing a feed from The Dice Tower! Be sure to head on over to them and check out 8 freaking years of amazing board game podcasts! Tom and Eric did the recording and this is their feed the podcast is being fed from. Eating podcasts. Great, now I’m hungry.

As I was just at Total Confusion and am still scrambling to get my head right and the con crud out of my system, I thought I’d post this talk Tom, Eric, Peter and I had while at the convention. This was the Podcasting 1.0 panel, in which we talk about getting your podcast off the ground. It was fairly sparsely populated but the audience that did attend had some great questions. Also, it was a chance for me to sit down with Blix and the amazing guys of The Dice Tower – how often is that gonna happen?


Yup, I’ve gone straight past all your modern memes and made a Ninja game. It’s awesome. I’m biased. You can get it for free as a PDF or grab a wonderful box copy for $12, or get just the cards for $2!

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