Feb 252013


Hi folks! I’ve returned from Total Confusion XVII, for once in my life having closed out a convention. We arrived early Friday afternoon, just after lunch and didn’t leave the hotel until Sunday around 5pm. It was utterly and completely fantastic!

I’ll have some more coverage in a bit, including my chances to sit down with Tom and Eric from The Dice Tower and talk board games and podcasting, as well as sitting down with Frank Mentzer and Tim Kask to talk GMing.  Frank and Tim were instrumental to TSR and D&D in the early years, and are also involved in Eldritch Enterprises.  Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever get the opportunity in my life to do that again and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Tom and Eric recorded the two podcasts I joined them on, and they’ll be releasing them via their Dice Tower Audio site. As soon as they’re live, I’ll post links here.

I also got to play some new to me, and just plain old new games. That was great!

I made the conscious choice not to liveblog the event, or do nightly updates as this is the one time of the year when I can set aside several days for nothing but gaming related stuff. I played, I talked, I ended up at a private party that was like a geek dream come true, and did numerous other convention things.

As always the staff at TotalCon are amazing and deserve huge kudos for how their guests and attendees are treated.

Lastly, I only chose to run one event this year as well, as a chunk of my time was being taken up by panels. That event is my yearly, massive Talisman game. I included the picture above because I think it captures everything both good and bad about Talisman and epic-length games in general.

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  1. My nose is in the picture.. Right side… Only a 4 hour game..

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