Jan 092013

We’ve covered Project London before – but if you don’t know, it’s an amazing looking and truly independent film which features over 750 CGI shots – all crowd sourced and with a good chunk of the work being done on open source software. If that’s not enough, TC friend Jen Page is one of this films stars!

I interviewed Jen, Phil and Ian from Project London late last year and Jen had mentioned a quick, original sketch of her character, Xing Xing Fix.  She was kind enough to forward it on to me for a look-see and allowed me to share it with the world! See folks, when you have a chance to meet cool folks on the internet, I’d highly advise you A) take that chance and B) be a cool person while your doing it. If you follow Wheaton’s law, you just may make some cool new friends.


Project London the movie is complete now, with the Kickstarter serving to act as a way to pre-order the soundtrack, DVD or Blu-Ray and get some cool extra stuff along the way! They’re at 130% funding, so it’s absolutely happening and I’d advise you to get in on this while you still can!


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