Jan 252013

I lost! To myself! Which I think means I’ve won, right?

My ninjas have started to arrive! In typical ninja fashion, they snuck into my home via my 9 year old (who apparently the convinced didn’t need to mention to me that I had gotten a package).

A little while back I was contacted by the folks at One Bookshelf (you know them as DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, DriveThruFiction and many more) to check out their new Print on Demand service – DriveThruCards. I was really excited about the prospect. I was a beta tester for their PoD program when that first launched and the chance to get in early and have a product up and printed by DriveThruCards was something I jumped at.

Except I didn’t have any card games in the works. Sure, I had the prototype for Upgrade Wars – but I’d already printed those out through another service. DTC’s specifications for printing were a bit different and the thought of reformatting all of those cards (for the fourth time) was shudder inducing.

Then, like a sword in the dark, an idea hit me. Over the course of half a day, Ninja – Silent but Deadly was conceived, grew and was born. And now I had a small, quick card print run that needed to be done! A week past I worked with Brian at DTC to get the cards into the correct format and printed. Yesterday evening, I received them!

They look fantastic, were exactly what I was aiming for and even had that just-opened-the-booster-pack smell. In all, I’m very happy with them and with DriveThruCards.

Once their service does launch (which should be soon) you’ll be able to order Ninja -Silent but Deadly Just the Cards. This will come with everything you need to play this little meta-game and a download of the instructions as a PDF.

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I'm a geek. A nerd, a dweeb, whatever. Yes I owned garb, yes I still own medieval weaponry. And yeah, I could kick your butt in Mechwarrior the CCG. I love video games, role playing games, tactical board games and all forms of speculative fiction. I will never berate someone for wanting to be a Jedi and take everything Gary Gygax ever wrote as gospel. Well, all of this but that last bit.

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  1. Well you can’t go wrong with anything anything that has ninjas. I’ve read the rules and it’s like hide and seek with cards involved? lol That’s pretty unusual.

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