Jan 282013
They've seen things you can't even imagine. Unless you too have a black turtleneck.

They’ve seen things you can’t even imagine. Unless you too have a black turtleneck.

If you’ve not checked out Geek Seekers yet, it’s time to fire up the old YouTube and get watching!

Geek Seekers features Jen Page and Monte Cook as they embark on a quest to find the truth about things! Things like are the Malloy apartments haunted? Things like how many residents can they get on camera? And how much cake can they eat in one setting?

For those of you who don’t know, Jen Page is an actress, artist, web designer and all around geek. She’s got Wizards of the Coast cred, Gamers: Various Films cred, Project London cred and now Indie Talks cred. You can find out lots more about here at her website.

For those of you who don’t know, Monte Cook is a game wizard, author, winner at Kickstarter and they guy who put lots of the fiddly bits into Dungeons & Dragons 3.x. His cred has cred. Like so many of us, he too has a website.

Want to learn even more about Monte and Jen as they continue their journey through the hidden realms and also make Geek Seekers? Want to do this without bothersome restraining orders and accusations of stalking? Then put your listening ears on this Wednesday as they make themselves heard on Indie Talks! Learn more about Geek Seekers! Listen to the vast, uncharted imagination of two talented creators. Bask in the glow of Monte’s stylish and hip glasses. Hear all about Jen’s foray into Etsy.

You won’t want to miss this, and you certainly shouldn’t miss a single episode of Geek Seekers!

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