Dec 112012

I know it’s early yet, but I’m already planning for the next WFC-RPG bundle!

The bundle will be sold exclusively through DriveThruRPG and features tons of product from people like you! I’m already compiling this and looking for people willing and interested to donate PDF(s) to the cause!

In addition to RPGs, we welcome your works of fiction, comics, print and play board games and more! I’d like to do some more cool things with this as well – perhaps getting some physical prizes in the shape of printed RPGs and board games that I can send off as prizes for anyone who purchases the bundle. By giving myself a bit of extra time here, I may be able to pull that bit off.

Last year we raised $2713.75 for the Wayne Foundation[1] – a 503(c)3 organization dedicated to ending underaged sex trafficking in the US and offering assistance to victims.

If you have something on DTRPG/RPGnow and would like to participate, please contact me!

Even if you haven’t written a single published word in an RPG, I could still use some help. The first year I put this together all by my lonesome. Last year I had a bit of help and it was fantastic. If you’ve some skill at design work, have a blog, podcast or whatnot or would simply like to be involved, let me know!

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  1. Ben, I’m happy to assist with the press release again this year if you like.

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