Nov 212012

For episode 14 Victor Varnado joins me to talk about his fantastic series Realm of LARP! Follow the adventures of Steve the Ogre, Crimson the sorceress, Dubach the warrior, Barrington the Knight, Tuck the all around troublemaker (and run away star of the show). Realm of LARP (Youtube) is definitely the best treatment of the LARPing hobby I’ve seen to date. It’s funny without resorting to making fun of the hobby, engaging and at 11 episodes long, entirely digestible. Lets spread the word about this!

Unfortunately Skype wasn’t being on its best behavior and there’s a few times when the audio gets a bit fuzzy. Damn you free service! Occasional Skype weirdness aside, Victor shines through as the LARPiest film maker we’ve ever had on the show.

If getting a show about LARPing on the Nerdist wasn’t enough, Victor’s an actor, director, comedian, creative wiz and much more than I can go into here. Check him at at and and do yourself a favor, check out his stand up too!

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