Nov 152012

If you came here looking for the show notes for our episode covering Minecraft, Jonathan gave you the wrong URL. We are very sorry for this. Please go to GE23: Minecraft Resources for Beginners.

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc and devastation across a multitude of communities.  It killed people.  It caused power outages.  It flooded homes.  Not every hurricane is that devastating but they all negatively impact the standard things geeks love to do like watch cult classics. This podcast episode shares 5 geeky things you can do during hurricane.  Always, always, always make sure that your loved ones and yourself are safe first.  Then, consider the items on this list as a way to pass the time. 5 Geeky Things to Do During a Hurricane

  • 5 – Shadow Monster Wars!
  • 4 – Design a funny webcomic
  • 3 – Play your favorite board game by hurricane lamp
  • 2 – Play Argyle & Crew by Ben Gerber.  Buy the rules for $2.99
  • 1 – Finally you can play the marathon Cube of Death tournament
  • MOST IMPORTANT – STAY SAFE!  Be Red Cross Ready.

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Jonathan J. Reinhart is an editor of Troll in the Corner where he writes about wargaming. Jonathan also is the owner of the Wargaming Recon podcast. He has been gaming with miniatures since 2000 and playing board games from a young age. He's played a myriad of games such as: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Starship Troopers, Axis & Allies: War at Sea, Flames of War and Warlord Games' Black Powder rules. War at Sea and the Black Powder rules are his current go-to games. Jonathan enjoys casual, fast, fun, and group board games. Sitting Ducks Gallery, Zombie Dice, Guillotine, Pandemic, and Carcassonne rank high on his list. He is a retired local politician with a B.A. in Politics & History, which provides a useful background for historical gaming. A casual World of Warcraft player, he became a Kingslayer as Viktrious the Blood Elf on 4/23/11 and followed that up by slaying Deathwing on 5/9/12.

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