Nov 262012

With 7 days to go and funding already met, now’s your best chance to get in on the 6d6 Kickstarter and get yourself some awesome, physical copies of the game! This is going to happen, and for about $25 US you get the book and get it shipped to you just about anywhere. Want to hear more? I was lucky enough to snag Chris for an interview on Indie Talks.

Grab a sample of what’s to come with the 6d6 Free Kickstarter sampler and check out the extended cut 6d6 Play Guide:


The 6d6 RPG is one of the most innovative role-playing games for years and a hit at the UK conventions, clubs, and stores. Its speed of play, creative roleplaying, and ability to handle any setting or genre have all been praised.

The 6d6 RPG is a game about Potential and Advantages.

Potential controls how much a character can do, and ebbs and flows from round to round. Large actions or multiple actions in one round will leave a character short on potential for the next round. Do little for a round or two and build up potential.

Advantages are a character’s individual strengths, tricks, and knowledge that they can use in an action. Individually, advantages are weak but their power comes from how they are combined. A warrior may use Brawn + Weapon Expertise + Longsword to strike an opponent; a spacecraft pilot may use Problem Solving + Navigation + Astrophysics + Computer Use to plot a course; a Private Eye may use Intimidate + Quick Wits to make a perp talk.

The power and role-playing potential of the 6d6 RPG comes from what is and is not covered in the rules. Potential is tightly defined because it keeps the game fair and balanced. Advantages and how they are combined is limited only by the player’s imagination and their ability to justify a combination to the other players.

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