Oct 232012

If you’re looking for something to read this Halloween season but need to save a bit of cash for candy or a Sexy Luigi costume, look no further! FreeFantasyBook.com is hosting a 24 Free Horror Books promo on Amazon.com from October 23rd-25th. All these books are FREE and range from short stories, novels and even a play with many genres of horror included. Maybe an idea for your next campaign or character will be in one of these titles?

So check it out and spread the word; happy downloading and happy reading!

About Tristan J Tarwater

Tristan is the author of 'The Valley of Ten Crescents' series and someone who is obsessed with elves. She once gave her 3.5 elf druid 'Skill: Basketweaving' just so she could take the spell, 'Beget Bogun.' Check out more of her work at backthatelfup.com

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