Sep 012012

Welcome to September! If you’re up at this time on a saturday, and you live in the same country that I do, there’s a pretty good chance you have young kids.

What with school in session and your kids suddenly craving non-school things to do on the weekend, I ‘d like to take a moment and recommend Argyle & Crew. It’s fun, uses socks and gets tough stains out of nearly anything!

Two of those statements are true.  Argyle & Crew, the three dollar gateway to crafty fun.

It’s a collaborative storytelling adventure for kids. It’s a great pick up game for adults. It’s the sock puppet RPG!

The land of Skcos is inhabited by all manner of things, but primarily its inhabitants belong to a race of ever changing, always interesting creatures called Soppets. Soppets are a magical breed of intelligent, funny, thrill seeking socks.

Yes, you read that correctly, Socks.

Argyle & Crew is a free wheeling system powered by imagination. Rather than a character sheet like a traditional RPG, your character and it’s attributes are all based on a sock puppet, or in Skcos lingo, a Soppet. Each Soppet has several unique qualities which allow it to do extraordinary things!

Argyle & Crew is great game for children as young as 4 years old. Short scenarios and active participation keep things lively! Useful as a learning tool not just for gaming, but for life lessons, Argyle & Crew can easily be used in a classroom setting. Professionals working on counseling children can find this game equally useful for indirectly or directly exploring past experiences and future anxieties. Use the additional rules for older children or adults and expand the game from a fun, play driven activity to a fully developed RPG, using a simple and fun set of mechanics.

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  One Response to “Are you a gamer with kids? Would you consider gaming with sock puppets?”

  1. A pal of mine has run many a game with stuffed animals and sock puppets. Not so much for kids, more hing over gamers on the Saturday and Sunday mornings of the student nationals…

    Some of the players were still a bit out of it and got quite worried about what they’d been up to the night before…

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