Aug 012012

I find myself conversing with Peter “Blix” Bryant! A long time gamer and convention goer who also happens to be involved with publishing what is arguably the longest lived indie title in RPG history!

Blix is responsible for a new game, part RPG, part trivia, all awesome called Cube of Death! I’m intimately familiar with this game, particularly the death part as I had my own derriere handed to me by a bunch of keen opponents publicly at last year’s TotalCon.  Blix is also a team member at Tri Tac Games, publishers of such cool things as Bureau 13 and Fringeworthy. He’s an active member of the Tri Tac Podcast on which I have been a guest, and has also (where he gets the time I haven’t figured out) just launched a new podcast all about conventions called The Con Men! After all that, he also works as a freelance artist and writer through Studio 187.

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