Jul 272012

Howdy, all. So, I feel like total crap and haven’t been feeling well the last few days so I thought I would take the opportunity to say that I, Tristan J Tarwater will be at GeekGirlCon August 11th and 12th in Seattle, WA.

I’m really excited to go to GeekGirlCon this year and to be tabling and paneling again (as in selling my books at a table and being on a panel about Geeky Parenting and Kickstarter, not building tables and putting in panels). We had a blast last year and I’m expecting it to be even more awesome this year. Myself (and the rest of the Back That Elf Up Team) will be at booth 105 in the Exhibitors and Artist Alley, sharing with Grey Ink Studios. I am going to be signing paperbacks and selling fiction in general so stop by to talk gaming if you’re attending!

About Tristan J Tarwater

Tristan is the author of 'The Valley of Ten Crescents' series and someone who is obsessed with elves. She once gave her 3.5 elf druid 'Skill: Basketweaving' just so she could take the spell, 'Beget Bogun.' Check out more of her work at backthatelfup.com

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  1. Sadly, it being on the other end of the country and all, I will not be there. I take it you will not be at GenCon this year?

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