Jul 122012

Last night my wife and I sat down to a few games of Family Business.

It’s a mobster related card game with some bluffing and for a quick, easy to learn game there’s some surprisingly deep strategy. Not a ton of surprisingly deep strategy, but some.

[Image: pic399009_md.jpg]

The game took us about 30 minutes to learn and play through our first game. We made a few mistakes. Our 2nd and 3rd games each lasted about 20 minutes.

Essentially every player is the boss of a crime synidcate from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. You line up hits against other player’s mobsters, and then when a mob war is triggered by various events (including playing cards) the bullets start flying and your cards end up face down in the R.I.P. pile.

You have three types of cards. Attack (such as contracts), reaction cards (which you can play to fend off attacks) and actions (which do things like let your mobsters go on the lam).

For a game that’s been around since 1982, I’m kind of surprised it took me this long to find it. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to kill 20-30 minutes, and 5-9 mobsters. Great for 2-6 players. Bonus? It’s cheap! Grab it at Amazon.com right now (and help support this site) for 12 bucks! It’s got a quick set up, a very quick learning curve and if you don’t mind your 8 year old kids doing things like putting contracts out on people and then starting mob wars, is good for ages 8+.

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