Jun 082012

Initially, I thought I had mistaken the genre; the story begins with a man, his resolve to conquer his drinking and his murder. A commonplace murder, except for the blood. However, as the tale unfolds you begin to sense that all is not commonplace, that there are far more intricacies lurking beneath the surface.

Family ties and blood are at the heart of this tale of control and heavenly creatures. Friends, strangers, priests, and the FBI come together to fight against the mind-controlled, the false messiah, and the hoax-master.

I love a story that leads you down winding arteries of narrative to an unexpected heart of the tale. This is one of those that I will read again (and probably again). It encompasses the crime, mystery, and fantasy genres successfully which, together with a well-crafted style of writing, makes this book a joy to read. I started this on Monday morning and finished it Monday evening. The only reason I didn’t read straight through was down to being a responsible mother with family responsibilities, which sometimes really sucks when you want to just read a book to the end. :-)

adrienne jonesAdrienne Jones is a speculative fiction and award winning humour writer, and author of the books Brine and Gypsies Stole My Tequila. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

You can read further information and purchase The Hoax from Mundania Press.

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