Jun 082012

Occult Moon Games is exited to announce that today they will be holding a sales drive for the newest issue of Toys for the Sandbox! For every 100 copies of this issue that sell in the first 24 hours, we will permanently make one back issue of Toys free. We will start with issue 1 and go in order from there.

In a place where the water is warm and the sands white a small chain of islands, sand bars and coral reefs shelter an atoll that in turn shelters those pirates who agree to live by the rules of the Doge. This pirate island is a safe haven for almost every kind of sea-faring thug from privateers to freebooters. The pirates are not the first to lay claim to the island, those that have come and gone have all left their mark.

The goal of the sales drive is to sell 600 copies of issue 23 in the first 24 hours. If that happens, Quinn Conklin will write a special, brand-new, free issue of toys.

“The early issues of toys still have a lot of great material in them, and some story arcs that start there are still being explored in newer issues,” Conklin said. “The problem we have had with the series is getting the word out there. I hate asking people to share links all the time so we thought it was time to give some incentive for our fans to tell their friends about us.”

“Toys started out as an inkling of an idea. Pick a place in a sandbox and explore it in more depth but be generic enough to use in any fantasy game. Little did I know that it would take off like it did. I think it’s time to give back to the community that has helped make this a strong product for Occult Moon and something that built a strong friendship along with it,” Michael said.

Issue 23 will set up the second major location in the series, the first being Hermits Island. These major locations give an overview of a large location that will be explored in more detail in later issues. This time we look at a tropical island that is home to a loosely-organized collection of pirates. The Island will offer dungeon crawls, strange mountains, and all the political scheming a party could hope for. As a bonus, every purchase will also include a coupon for the “Weeping Widow Tavern.”

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