Jun 012012
starfury conventions

Over the last few years, as my kids have got older, I realised that freedom is just over the horizon. In preparation I have been looking at various conventions being held in the UK that I may be able to attend at some point.

One organiser that caught my eye was StarFury Conventions. They organise a few conventions each year, mainly in London but there are some in Birmingham (the UK one). Their cons cover various fandoms from Dr Who to Game of Thrones as well as non-geek such as Glee & the L-Word. The first one I heard of, because my brother went last year, was the Vampire Ball. The 2012 Vampire Ball will be held in September and guests will include James Marsters among others.

Now, I’m not sure how other countries roll when they attend cons but here’s a Brit perspective of the recent Inva3ion con held in May 2012.

This was my fourth convention ever, and they just keep getting better. They are run by a guy called Sean Harry, and his company StarFury Conventions, and they are just the perfect mix of sci-fi geekery, and all night partying. These are not like your Comic-Con type events you may see on TV shows or the news when people talk about conventions, they are much smaller affairs with a much more relaxed atmosphere. There are usually a good selection of guests doing talks through the weekend, and quite often they will join you for a good party each evening. All the attendees are fantastic as well, you couldn’t hope to meet a better group of people. Read the full article >>>

To me, conventions should be about the fans being able to interact with the actors and writers behind their favourite shows and this seems to be what StarFury achieve. Although, on a side note, if I ever met Patrick Stewart I think I would lose the power of speech.

You find some of the guests really do embrace the fans and enjoy themselves at these conventions, and to be sat in the bar whilst Aaron is tweeting pictures of gifts he’d been given, and telling Wil Wheaton that his fans are so much better, shows how fun these events are.

I am now researching conventions in the UK to see which ones I might attend. Inva3ion 2013 sounds fun but I am always open to other ideas – so bring on the suggestions.

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