Jun 132012
dracula world order
Dracula World Order by Ian Brill

Dracula World Order by Ian Brill

As quite a newbie to graphic novels, I was pleased to be asked to review this as I like to try different genres and I have been mainly reading through The Sandman series recently.

As with all graphic novels, the words and images convey the story, not just the narrative as with “regular” novels. Dracula World Order is quite a different style to The Sandman series, however this was totally appropriate – the use of dark shadows and sharp lines compliment the story which is quite relevant to current events.

Dracula has converted the top 1% of humanity; the remaining 99% are imprisoned slaves…or food for the 1%. Alexandru, Dracula’s son, is the leader of the revolution against the 1%, gathering a team to battle against the Vampire elite.

This is the first of a series; well, I hope there will be more as the reader is left on a cliffhanger. I read it through three times in one evening and each time the story got better. I realised more was going on than initially seems. As the writer, Ian Brill, states:

This is [a] story of greed, power, family, monsters and a whole lot of kick-assery. It’s a story I have wanted to tell for a long time, and I am honored to share it with you.

Go here to find out more about this graphic novel and its writer and creator Ian Brill.




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