May 302012

Chapter 13 Press have just launched  a new Kickstarter which looks really promising: Tales from the Fallen Empire!

Tales From the Fallen Empire is a post-apocalyptic swords & sorcery setting created for use with the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG by Goodman Games.  It introduces new classes, an alternate way to handle the 0-level character funnel, setting inspired spells, new optional rules for swords & sorcery play, and more.  Tighten the straps on your sandals, grab your weapon, and head forth into a land of trouble and turmoil. Adventure  awaits those foolhardy to enter the wastelands or for those who fear not the unknown. Pledge today to begin the adventure in the fragments of the Fallen Empire.

I know James from Chapter 13 and he’s a stand up guy who’s done some really cool things in the RPG world. The rest of the game working on this are all amazing as well. They’ve got the talent and the experience to pull this off — well worth checking out!

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