May 252012
a towel

…where your towel is?

Today is the day we remember the great (at least in my opinion) Douglas Adams. Personally, I’d prefer to celebrate by watching deadlines swoosh by, but most fans mark the day with a towel.

Did you know that towels have alternative uses (other than drying yourself or avoiding the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter beast of Traal)? According to Wikipedia there are quite a few. Note to self: must try the towel snapping on someone later. 

If you haven’t got a towel, and if not you should be ashamed of yourself, then my advice is: don’t try to “acquire” one from a hotel. You may find yourself strapped in a Vogon Poetry Appreciation Chair.

So, to hoopy froods everywhere: Happy Towel Day.

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Born and bred in the UK, created two life forms. I'm a bit of a rock hen (not young enough to be a chick) who enjoys slaying dragons when not working as a freelance web designer or writing. I have a long-time passion for sci-fi/fantasy books, tv and films. 42 is my favourite number. I know where my towel is. I remember life before the internet, I don't know how I survived.

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  1. There was an article in Dragon magazine about 101 uses for a (wet) towel years and years ago.

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