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If you’re a publisher, author or artist and would like to contribute something, please get in touch with me! Games, short stories, ebooks, artwork – all are welcome!

Last fall, just as October was kicking into gear, a bunch of us indie RPG writers and publishers concluded a two week run of the Wayne Foundation Charity pack.  This year we’re doing it again and we already have some fantastic products to offer!  In no particular order, the following amazing publishers and authors have now contributed!

This does not include those who’s contributions haven’t arrived yet. There’s still more amazing things to come!

The Wayne Foundation

Last year we raised over $1800 for the Wayne Foundation. I’d like to do this again, and see if we can up this to $2500 or more.

If you’re someone in the industry, indie or not, and have a product available as a PDF that you’d like included in the bundle, please get in touch with me! I’m planning on running this second bundle from May 4th through May 18th.

I’d like to sell this bundle for $20 at DriveThruRPG with at least $100 worth of product in it. That said, here’s what I’ll take to include in the bundle.

  • RPG products (systems, adventures, add-ons, etc)
  • Print and Play board games
  • War Games rules
  • Art
  • Anything designed exclusively for this package.
  • Software
  • Fiction/non-fiction -if it could be at DriveThruFiction or DriveThruComics, I’m interested.

Please feel free to include your free products too!

You can get in touch with me here!

Thanks, and feel free to spread the word!

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