Apr 012012
'Angraust the Twelvskulz' by danielleblue on Flickr

'Angraust the Twelvskulz' by danielleblue on Flickr

Wizards of the Coast has announced an epic new project to combat the obesity epidemic.

The “Natural 20 Against Obesity” campaign will involve special LARP events that will feature a special, stripped-down version of the upcoming D&D Next rules. Players will have to complete physical challenges to gain items and level up.

“This is a perfect fit with our modular approach to D&D Next,” says Mike Mearls, Lead Developer for Next. “We were able to abstract the core rules into a simple, coherent LARP rule set that will serve everyone from the experienced LARPer to someone who’s never heard the word before.”

Much of the approach focuses on realism. “Want to wear plate mail?” Mearls asks. “We’ll have actual plate mail on-hand, which you’ll be required to wear for the entire game. Just watch the pounds melt away!”

In addition to stringent costuming requirements, players will face traps and hazards like the One Hundred Yard Snake Pit, the Twenty-Foot Chasm Jump, and the Caber Toss Ring Game, a specially-constructed rock climbing face with retracting hand-holds and small jets of fire, and the final challenge, the Five Mile Dragon Chase.

“The iconic worlds of Dungeons & DragonsTM are a perfect fit for fitness,” says Mearls. “Just think about all the dodging and moving you’ll have to do when fighting a huge dragon. And with combat time synched to real time, you’ll only have six seconds to react! It’s every role-player’s dream, and it’s a great way to get in shape.”

Playtests will begin some time this year. Or the next.

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