Apr 192012

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Awhile back I received an interesting e-mail from Dave Reiter. At first I wondered if it was spam but then I looked at the subject and it seemed like it could be a real e-mail for me in light of this blog and podcast. On opening it I was made aware of an interesting new game called Combat Storm by company Strategy Wave.

Combat Storm, or Operation Plastic as it used to be called, is different from any other game company I’ve seen. It has managed to create a rulebook and system for playing with plastic army men.

I fondly remember playing with plastic army guys as a kid in the ’80s. Bought them at the corner store for a few bucks giving 100 or so. Out on the grass and in the house they fought over everything. Having a formalized rules system for this is a nice way to recapture one’s childhood yet adapt it for “grown-up” play.

They released their rulebook, costing $19.99, along with plastic army men in Green, Brown-Green, Gray, Dark Tan, and Olive. $2.99 gets you 50 plastic guys. Seems reasonable actually and who wouldn’t jump at the chance to play with army guys like they did as a kid?

I can’t comment on the rules beyond the contents of the company’s press release. I don’t have a rulebook, hoping to rectify that, but here is what I do know. You use squads of guys divided into Riflemen, Support Infantrymen, Snipers, Special Forces Soldiers, Demolition Experts and Anti-Armor Experts. You also get to field tanks & transports.

There are six objective-based missions, each including a detailed map, a mission briefing and tactical objectives to complete. Additionally, there are three different game variation types: Annihilation, Protect the Sergeant and Capture the Flag.

If this appeals to you as much as it appeals to me you may want to order the rulebook. Head over to the Combat Storm Online Store to place your order. You can also get army men there in case you can’t find the ones you used as a kid.

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Jonathan J. Reinhart is an editor of Troll in the Corner where he writes about wargaming. Jonathan also is the owner of the Wargaming Recon podcast. He has been gaming with miniatures since 2000 and playing board games from a young age. He's played a myriad of games such as: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Starship Troopers, Axis & Allies: War at Sea, Flames of War and Warlord Games' Black Powder rules. War at Sea and the Black Powder rules are his current go-to games. Jonathan enjoys casual, fast, fun, and group board games. Sitting Ducks Gallery, Zombie Dice, Guillotine, Pandemic, and Carcassonne rank high on his list. He is a retired local politician with a B.A. in Politics & History, which provides a useful background for historical gaming. A casual World of Warcraft player, he became a Kingslayer as Viktrious the Blood Elf on 4/23/11 and followed that up by slaying Deathwing on 5/9/12.

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